the whole enchilada

exciting & Complete exploration of Costa Rica fishing, includes off-shore, in-shore, Estuary & surf

If you're an angler who loves to explore all kinds of fishing, this is the package for you! This multi-day exploration of Costa Rican fishing includes four different kinds - off-shore, in-shore, surf and estuary (also known as mangrove fishing).

Package Overview

7 days, 6 nights, First Class Accommodations (see our Lodging page)

From $3875 per guest for group of 4*

From $5775 per guest for 2 guests*

*Prices may be higher in peak season for lodging

includes: 1 day off-shore, 1 day in-shore, 1 day surf and estuary!

All of our packages include packing your catch to take back home with you.