Local Adventure Tour Specialist, Mauricio Castro, Welcomes you to his Native Costa Rica

Mauricio Castro, popularly known as Mau. was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. As a professional tour operator for over 20 years, Mau has shared his country's amazing natural beauty and unique recreational experiences with folks from all over the planet.

From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, there are a large number of active and inactive volcanoes, crystalline rivers, beautiful beaches, waterfalls and tropical forests. Over the years, Mau's guests have gone back home with incredible photos and stories of adventure. 

Mau spent a large part of his childhood and adolescence enjoying the jungle in Los Canales del Tortuguero, what he calls "The Amazon of Costa Rica". Here, his natural fisherman spirit was born. He spent whole days fishing in an aluminum boat and often took fish home to share with his parents and siblings. He learned many techniques from the natives of that area, and it is a stage of his life that he deeply treasures. 

Mau looks forward to sharing with you the beauty and joy that can only be found in his native Costa Rica!