Aaron Abaurrea, Founder & former Pro Walleye Fisherman, Welcomes you to Go Costa Rica Sport Fishing!

Aaron Abaurrea has been coming to Costa Rica since 2006 to sample and explore the incredible sport fishing on offer in this beautiful country. Not only has he found great spots to catch a wide variety of exotic fish, but he has also befriended and built partnerships with many of the fishermen who have been here all their lives.

Aaron was born in California, and he moved to North Dakota about 26 years ago. The abundance of hunting and fishing opportunities were part of what drew him there with his family, and he eventually joined the Professional Walleye Tour in 2003.

He and his associate, Mauricio, will make sure every detail of your visit is handled to full satisfaction. Aaron is confident that after spending some time with him, Mauricio and the rest of the Go Costa Rica Sport Fishing crew, you will develop the same love and passion that they have for this country and the incredible fishing it offers.