For Hardcore Fishermen Only!

This Costa Rica fishing sampler includes a 3 night, 2 day hunt for marlin!

This is our Whole Enchilada package with our Great Marlin Hunt replacing the day of off-shore fishing. In addition to a day of in-shore fishing for ??? and another day of surf and estuary (mangrove) fishing, you'll head up to 125 miles out on The Pescadora for two days of Marlin fishing.

Package overview & pricing

8 days, 7 nights, First Class Accommodations (see our Lodging page)

From $3875 per guest for group of 4*

From $5775 per guest for 2 guests*

*Prices may be higher in peak season for lodging

includes: 1 day in-shore, 1 day surf and estuary & our 3 night, 2 day Great Marlin Hunt adventure!

All of our packages include packing your catch to take back home with you.